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West Hamm county Pennsylvania seal logo

City Population: 25,000

County Population: 500,000

County Seat of Hamm County

Proud Pig Farm Capital of Pennsylvania

E. Williams is a physician-author who writes heart-warming tales not meant to be taken too seriously. Each story is centered on a different resident of the fictional town of West Hamm, Pennsylvania.
Contact Dr. Williams by sending an email to author@westhamm.com and follow the author on twitter

Sippy Moynihan just wants a sophisticated retirement party for her husband. She doesn’t think that’s too much to ask after everything she’s had to put up with.

Available FREE in Edify Literary Journal, March 2018

George Hubble’s finally ready for a little love in his life after his wife’s death. But is he still capable of finding it?

Available in Thema Literary Journal, Fall 2018

Martha Higgenbotham thinks she’s quite content in her little house, with her tidy garden and her knitting needles. So why does she not feel quite right?

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The ebullient and irascible forensic pathologist Dr. Honey Hayes hosts her own reality television show on CRP-TV. Producers threaten its cancelation, so, in an effort to bolster ratings, Dr. Honey agrees to film a ‘very special episode’ in her best forgotten home town of West Hamm. Against her better judgment, Dr. Honey finds herself filming in the county coroner’s office, whose new coroner is none other than her old high school nemesis Dick ‘the Slick’ Cockburn.

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Cici Schmecklewitz is a middle-aged divorcee who just wants to embrace her inner introvert.

Second place in PennWriter's 2018 short story competition

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Lydia Witherspoon has just had her first baby, and the sleep deprivation and overwhelming sense of incompetence have driven her slightly insane. Why does everything have to be so hard?

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Dirk Delacroix didn’t realize he yearned for a family of his own until he met the beautiful single mother Meg and her young daughter Saire. His efforts to win them over, however, are threatened by a dastardly turtle.

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Cyril Witherspoon is a great-grandfather, family patriarch, and founder of a successful family business. But his age has unexpectedly caught up with him.

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Bethany Hart has it all, only maybe it's a bit too much. A break should put everything into perspective.

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Emily Moynihan, daughter-in-law of Sippy Moynihan, thinks her old college roommate will have all the answers to her life's questions.

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Wendell Hubble visits his grandpa George's house, only to find that things aren't the way they used to be.

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Wendell Hubble learns something new, and tries to share it.

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Art's daughter and ex-wife have a new 'friend' in their lives, and Art doesn't like it.

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After her husband's retirement, Sippy Moynihan is dismayed with his new life choices. She endeavors to put things back the way they were.

Available in Strife and Harmony anthology, November 2019

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